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Surprise Makeover Part One {The Porch Project}

We have currently been in such a DIY reno haze that it isn’t beyond our dreaming to hope that saw dust can magically turn into Fairy Godmother dust.

It might just be the lack of sleep but I can imagine it, can you?

The saw dust turns glimmering and gorgeous and twirls around us until suddenly handy hubby and I are granted a big shiny pumpkin that transports us quickly from renovation site to construction site… and we have carriage men that help us down from it’s height, who also steady ladders and help wash crusty paint brushes. They carefully, after a long day of sweating our brows off, help us down off of our magical work carriage and pat the dust (sparkling) off of our backs and tell us we are right on schedule. Sounds lovely doesn’t it??

However then, when the clock strikes midnight, and you know we will still be hammering, sawing and building away, our fast as lighting magical work boots, the ones with the glimmering steel toed tips, will sadly melt away into the oblivion to reveal our actual paint splattered everything. But it is cool, because we were on schedule and no one fell off of ladders. 

A girl can dream right? Right.

OK OK…I know….the sleepless nights aren’t helping our sanity at the moment.

All has not been lost though! Last week we wrapped up the #parentprojectreno with the design darling Autumn Hachey (more to come on that!) and we have been wrapping up two projects with Leons furniture! They come to shoot the spaces on Monday and we cant wait to show you the finished product. Count down is on! I’m currently taking advice on how to minimize the bags under my eyes…oh yes, and the dust bunnies. 😉

We have also just wrapped up our first SURPRISE makeover!!! Yes, you read that right. We surprised a very deserving Mama with an early Mothers Day gift! We have so much to share with you about our first house crashing experience and we cant wait to show you the hectic behind the scenes and the pretty outcome.

In the midst of all of these projects I also set out to complete a whole room redesign on my own for the One Room Challenge! I know, I know, I am not superwoman and I have no clue what I was thinking!! I’m here to admit that when I asked my dear husband for some last minute help on this project last night that he decided my solo work wasn’t good enough (ie: I painted over an old radiator instead of removing it.) He subsequently tore it out when I was busy woking last night and today I got surprised with a deconstructed space that neither of us have time to make pretty again! C’est la vie! I suppose that because I wanted to do a room on my own, with a limited budget, that this should have been expected! Real life renos (especially DIY renovations!) take time. Lots and lots and lots of time. 😉

But, we did however finish a two day makeover for a very lovely Mama and I have a little bit of that to share with you today!!! We will be breaking this makeover down into a few short videos and posts so that you can see all the little details and learn how to create a similar space in your home. Wouldn’t we all LOVE a finished space for Mothers Day?! 

This space wouldn’t be possible without the stealth planning of the recipient’s husband and the amazing generosity of our sponsors for this project. A giant applause needs to be given to them for their willingness to be involved in this passion project that has been brewing for a very long time.

If you are in need of some interior finishings or some lovely accessories please show your love to these Canadian companies who have generously supplied gorgeous products for this Mothers Day Suprise Makoever: “Metrie” and “The Art of Home”.

We will be sharing more with you soon, but for now, here is an explanation on what we are getting up to in our down time.

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