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What to cook Wednesday: {Vegan “steak” & garlic mash}

Last week we finally got our gas stove hooked up and a vent hood installed. 
Sound the celebratory music.
 I may have shrieked with excitement the whole time I cooked our first meal on that baby. It has been a long wait. (Think crockpot meals from October to March.) Yeah, we were over mushy stews and random Pinterest concoctions. 
Presently, I have never been so excited to cook. Which is saying a lot since I’ve always loved chopping mixing and sautéing things; even since those childhood days in the sandbox with mud pies and elaborate fake weddings to prepare for.
(Hey to all the neighborhood friends that didn’t die from inadvertently ingesting in some of the extra muddy pancakes.) 😉
If you’ve been following along here from the beginning in 2012 then you know I love to cook. You also are probably aware that I also love to cook plant based meals that are easy to prepare and full of flavor. 
Gone are the days of mud pies. 
With the new stove all ready for me to play with, I have embraced this trend again.  Though THIS time around we are on an itty bitty time limit since, you know, we still have an entire house to finish rebuilding. 
So you are in luck, faster healthier meals are coming to the blog!
Enter vegan “steak” and garlic mash.You might be wondering why one would consider substituting a delicious piece of steak for a portabella mushroom and lets just simply mention the calories you might save. 

Mushrooms have 42 calories per  unit, 1 gram of fat and 12 mg of sodium compared to a steak that has 291 calories, 22 grams of fat, 45 mg of sodium and 80mg of cholesterol.

If you serve this meal along side a spinach salad you’ll easily ingest the same amount of protein as you might find in a steak as well. Also, it’s fun to mix it up in the kitchen, isn’t it?
Here, let me convince you.
To start this meal you’ll need to bake some yukon gold potatoes the night before. Or, if you’re like me, make this meal the day after utilizing baked potato in a meal and recreate your leftovers. 
First you’ll need to line a baking dish with foil and place wash and dried portabella mushrooms on the pan.  
Preheat your oven to 350°F
Drizzle olive oil over your mushrooms.
Sprinkle “The KEG” steakhouse spice on top of your mushrooms.
Put aside.
Roughly mash four large baked potatoes in a bowl.
Add in two teaspoons of minced garlic, 1/2 cup of butter (’cause you only live once!) and salt to taste.
Mix ingredients together with a wooden spoon until your mixture is coarse.
If you like your “steak” to have a little kick to it add a dash of blazed pepper bourbon spice to mushrooms.
Place potato mixture into a blender, OR combine with a hand blender, OR use your big muscles and smash ’em up with a hand held smasher.
Scoop out your mixture and layer your potatoe mixture on top of your spiced mushrooms.
Add oregano, Parmesan petals and a fresh garlic piece to each potato scoop.
Lastly, drizzle with your favorite barbecue sauce.
Then enjoy the delectable smell of a quick and delicious meal wafting to you from the oven. 
Bake for 25 minutes at 350F or until a fork inserts easily into your “steak”.
Garnish with some parsley and dig into a meatless meal that is FULL of flavor. 
This recipe promises to impress even the biggest meat lovers in your family.
You might just want to embrace #meatlessmondays another day of the week after devouring this easy take on vegan steak and garlic mash. 🙂
Do you take part in the meatless Monday trend? Wouldn’t it be great to save 251 calories a meal? What are your favorite vegan meals? I would love to read about them in the comments. 🙂

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