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What we have been doing all summer! {Backyard overhaul/disaster}

This summer has been a combination of waiting for the rain to stop so we can build a deck, while simultaneously praying for rain so we wouldn’t have to work in our AWFUL back yard.
 When we bought this house three years ago, the backyard literally made
me fill up with emotion. And not the kind of emotion that one feels
when they see a tub of ice cream or an isle of pillows at Homesence
(pillow hoarder alert!)
Our backyard has been a thorn in our side for three years, and it was time to change things and to finally enjoy a part of our home that has been neglected.
These steps catapulted us into backyard-renovation-mode in early May.
Yes, I DO know it is already August.
We have tools littering our dining room table and dried up dirt from our yard, that is now a mud pit fit for a car derby or a pack of pigs, — everywhere.
THESE rotting, moldy steps lead up to a raised deck that welcomes you from our dining room. 
It welcomes you alright, and then taunts you as you risk your life tip toeing down the wiggly steps that dare to break at any second.
So, our poor energetic crazies, have not been allowed in their own back yard allllll summer long.
Yes, we are all pulling out our hair and have enjoyed jumping on the beds more times than I can count.
We have big hopes and dreams for the little yard that could, so that is what we are gripping on to, with our whitened knuckles, as we squint out the windows that are covered with streaks of rain drops while we listen to the sound of thunder in the distance, as we contemplate if electrocution is an ACTUAL probable thing.
I cant wait to fill you in on all of the ups and the many downs that make any renovation a reality. I have a billion bad phone pics to share every step of our backyard overhaul with you. (Obviously, it has been four months!) 
This yard will come together, and when it does, I am gonna dance with the crazy babies all over that sturdy deck — like we waited a whole season for it!
Cant wait for you to be a part of our backyard overhaul!

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