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A Thank You Letter To Colbie Caillat (on our daughters fifth birthday)

Dear Colbie Caillat,

I  just wanted to say thank you, and here is why.

Today my little baby girl turns five. I can hardly believe it. I still remember when she was only a wiggling, flipping, nauseous inducing lemon-sized-baby and
peach-sized-baby and banana-sized-baby growing withing my swollen belly.

I would have never believed that she would have come out of my own body
being so different from me, and yet uniquely, as only God could make it
happen, her heart and my heart were the same in so many ways.

I can remember holding the little bundle that she was, and the first time
I saw her glossy eyes looking back at mine. It was nothing at first, no
recollection on her end, and then, with a flicker from my own eyes to
hers, we were bonded – forever. The first time I heard her laugh I swore
my heart might leap out of my chest with such uncontainable joy. Her
first steps brought on the same emotions, and tears, lots of happy Mommy tears.

You see, I always knew having a daughter was going to be magical and life changing, but I never dreamed to what degree.

She is everything I thought up when I was a little girl. If I was still a
five year old girl today, I would beg her to be my best friend forever
and I would present her with a jagged-cut-metal-heart-on-a-chain to
prove it to the world.

She is sweet and timid but daring and hilarious. She keeps up with her brothers and their
buckets of energy, and teaches them how to treat a lady in their down
time. She is thoughtful and caring and affectionate and shows me daily
how much she loves those around her through sweet back rubs or by
whispering precious thoughts in an unsuspecting ear, or by snuggling up
next to one of us, as if time had never passed and she was still that
newborn bundle of love that I couldn’t believe we were allowed to take

As most mamas do though, I worry about her.

I worry that as time passes, as every birthday comes and goes, as the
smoke twirls and fades from the blown out candles, that she will lose a
little part of her sweet and caring side, that time will walk away with a
chunk of her beautiful spirit and that challenges and critics will
crush her character.

Sometimes, I worry a lot.

And then, one day recently, I came across your song and your beautiful inspiring video, and I haven’t worried as much anymore.

I know that we live in a time where comparison is the thief of joy and
that this day and age, money seems to buy happiness, but I ALSO know that lyrics like the
ones in your song, remind girls that they don’t need to “change a single thing” about themselves and that they don’t need to “try” to be someone they aren’t, and that things will not make them full, because they, come as they are, are enough.

Above so many other things, I want my five year old girl, with all her innocence, to know that she has always been and will always be enough.

Your lyrics are right from my own Mama heart and I am sure so many other Mamas feel the same way.

I want my daughter, and every daughter, to know that they don’t need to
change a thing about themselves to please anyone. I want my daughter to
know, that the makeup, nail polish and clothing that she is naturally enamored with, is fun and creative, but it will not dress up and beautify her HEART.

 I know with positive messages like yours, my daughter will know that if
women support each other continually, this world will grow, along with
her, and be an inspiring place full of confident girls who have depth
and heart.

Thank you for reminding myself, and the daughters everywhere, that being content with yourself is what matters most.

On our daughters fifth birthday, and always, thank you for offering a
message that will empower our girls to know that acceptance comes from

Today, I look into the eyes of my little girl, who is slowly turning into a little lady, and my heart is full.
My prayer, this year and always, is that she will see those beautiful
green eyes in her reflection every day and know that she is loved,
adored, strong, smart and always, always enough.


A grateful Mama

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  • marty (A Stroll Thru Life)
    August 2, 2014 at 3:27 am

    This is such a precious post and such a lovely way of expressing your love for your daughter. I hope you save it for her so she can read it when she's grown and truly understand the meaning of your words.

    Thanks also for the visit and you definitely made my day with your so gracious comments. I am truly blessed.