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No Monday Blues Here. {Horray for Family!!}

Meanwhile, up here in Canada…
 We are up to our toques in snow piles and giant icicles hang dangerously from every surface.
 But, to get us through this fourth month of winter, we also get to enjoy a day off of work tomorrow.
Insert statutory holiday here.
In our parts, Family Day is the perfect distraction from the knowledge that we have about two more months of Winter left.  🙂
Around our little estate, we welcome any day that means we get to wake up with our main man still snuggled in bed with us.
Our four year old even deemed tomorrow as a “PD-Day for the Dads.”  
She is pretty bang on and quite hillarious.
Most working moms and dads, and everyone else in between, will get to enjoy a long weekend, thanks to the unity of “family”.
I’m pretty sure our day will start off later than usual with us hiding all the clocks tonight so we can tell the children that, 
“It is not 8 o’clock yet. Go back to bed.”
Then, I’m sure we will stay in our pajamas longer than ever while sipping coffee, scrambling eggs and enjoying February morning sunshine streaming in the windows.
Then, once we are caffeinated to the extreme and finally out of our footed pajamas, we will escape into the cold to hunt down a skating rink. 
After struggling to secure heavy skates to baby feet with numb fingers, and 20 minutes of clumsy skating accompanied by frustrated whining. Obviously from the children and not Mama, we will probably call it a day and reward ourselves and our icicle extremities with the joy of holding a mug filled to overflowing with hot chocolate.
Yep, that sounds like perfection.
Then, I am pretty positive if I nag, with the correct tone that doesn’t imply “rushing” we might just finish some of the projects we started three long years ago. 
Like this entry way trim.
But you know what? If we end up all curled up under a big blanket, all cozy on the couch together, then that will be fine too. 
I love this little family of mine that works together and plays together. Even if we trip over power tools in the middle of the night and have come to accept some very lenient ideas of cleanliness.
‘Tis the life of the D-I-Y family. 🙂
How will you be celebrating family day with your favorite brood?
“Having someone to love is family, 
having somewhere to go is home 
and having both is a blessing.” 
 Author Unknown

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