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Summer Inspiration {HELLO SUNSHINE: A Guide For Your Bright and Happy Home}

I look forward to this day every year.
It’s the first day of summer and every year I embrace
this beautiful momentous occasion because it marks the day when myself and my fellow
Canadians feel safe enough to pack away our parkas and toques.
It is the day
when we shake out our beach blankets, pull out the umbrella straws and relax in
the sunshine with a cold drink in our grasps.
Hello Summer!
This year today was also happily anticipated around here for a different sunshiny reason!
Recently our little DIY family embraced the opportunity to work
along side the dreamy creative team at Leon’s Furniture. The result is the
prettiest summer read of all times.
If you follow us on Snapchat or Instagram you’ll now know
why we were so pumped to complete our living room and to start and finish a
front porch space. You’ll catch a glimpse of these finished spaces in this pretty page turner!

You know by now I am always going to let you in on the behind the scenes things so here are a few snaps from our photo shoot day with the lovely photographer Maya her assistant and the hard working duo that is Melissa and Autumn.

A little blooper action can be seen HERE

It was so exciting to have my hubby’s hard work featured in such a
cool way! All the details for building your very own deck with a pergola will be shared
here shortly. But for now, you’ll want to get your hands on your favorite
summer inspired read for a little look.

The other lovelies that have been involved in this guide for a bright and happy home
are literally some of my favorite Canadian bloggers. Let me introduce you!
Lucy from Ms Craftbery Bush is both parts talented
and humble and shares her art, home, heart and ideas with her readers.  She is constantly inspiring me with her
stunning photography skills, the way she loves nature and how she is easily
capable of recreating its beauty on to paper with her lovely creations. You can
find her HERE.
Julie is the stunning design loving fashionista behind Elliven Studios
where she shares her traditional and stunning take on creating a home that accommodates a busy family but also a space that you want
to sip tea in. Julie loves a good afternoon treat and always inspires me to
relish in the quiet moments. You can visit her blog HERE.
Thalita from The
Learner Observer
is a new twin mama who balances babies and DIY like a seasoned
professional. She is also freaking hilarious and I love her candid approach to
mothering that she shares on Snapchat. She is as real and authentic in person as
she is on social media which is simply inspiring to me. You can become her fast
friend by getting to know her more by checking out her blog HERE.
Kassandra from Little
Dekonings is a Mama of two little, sweet, busy boys who somehow manages to
bust out a complete kitchen makeover with them running under foot. Her energy
and enthusiasm with little ones reminds me of myself a decade ago — but she is
obviously cooler and has better hair than me. She inspires me to keep my cool
in furniture stores when our babies are running around like maniacs chasing
after each other. You can read about her family’s and home’s adventures on her
blog HERE.
Joanna shares her parenting tried and true tactics and her
life at home in Montreal with her readers on Lazy Moms Blog. Every time she shares something on her Instagram
account I want to shout “ME TOO!!!” I know you will do the same! She inspires
me with her delicious recipes and makes me want to hop on a train already and
visit her beautiful home. You can read all about her challenges and triumphs
over on her blog HERE.
I know you are going to appreciate these ladies as much as I
do. To see some of their summer spaces and to read about their home tips and tricks you can be one of the first to check out Hello Sunshine by seeing all the lovely
After surviving winter, we all deserve to go find the perfect spot on this summery day, by pouring ourselves
an icy drink, plopping that umbrella straw right in there and checking out all the
inspiring that is within Hello Sunshine.
Who’s ready to get
their relaxation on? I know I am.

{A guide for your bright and happy home}


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