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Handmade Cup Warmers {A repurposed, no sew, Valentines day gift for the person who has it all already!}

I am always looking to give the special people in my life, something different, something useful and something that wont break the bank on Valentines Day. 
And did I mention easy? 
If it is a craft, it has to be quick enough to be squeezed in between my work breaks or the kids nap time. 
And if I can’t squeeze it in during those times, than it has to be easy and kid friendly. 
This Valentines day craft meets all of those requirements.
This craft is SO quick and easy and you may just have all all of the supplies on hand. 
I love it when that happens!
I also am totally passionate about re purposing and this craft will make you feel good all around by using up items you otherwise may just be throwing out or passing on to Goodwill.
First you will need to locate some sweaters that are too small for you or your children. 
I preferred to use children’s sweaters for this craft since they typically have slimmer sleeves. (If you dont have childrens sweaters then I would go to your local thrift store. The balck and white striped sweater was purchased for $2 at a second hand store near us. After a good washing it was ready to be crafted-up!)
I love that once you use the sleeves for this craft you will still be left with the body of the sweater to be turned into a pillow case or whatever your creative mind can conjure up. The best part about re purposing an item is finding ways to use the entire piece you are changing.
To make your own cute-heart-endowed-cup-warmers, you will need:
Hot glue gun 
Glue sticks
We simply measured the length of the cups we wanted to cover and then cut accordingly. We eyeballed the cut out hearts and simply hot glued them on to the middle of the sweater sleeve cut out.
So easy and yet really adorable.
 We loved this little craft so much that we mixed and matched the hearts and the material and came up with a few different designs.
If you are seemingly like most of the world and you love a good Starbucks indulgence every now and then, than you will also love the fact that they sell reusable white heat-proof plastic mugs and lids for one buck!
 They are the perfect size for the coffee you make at home, fit perfectly under my own Keurig machine and they stack nicely in the cupboard too. 
Whoever you gift these cup warmers too would love to be spoiled with a pretty mug or a simple reusable Starbucks cup.
Every tree counts, right?
Now you can buy a few of those, make up some cute and easy cup warmers and fill them with a coffee gift card, sweets, home made cookies, or whatever you choose. 🙂
I am thinking these would make the perfect gift to a girlfriend or a special teacher.
You will for sure feel surges of love when you hand the finished product out to those whose hands need to be as warm as their hearts.
There is nothing like receiving a handmade personalized gift from someone you care about, especially this time of year when the stores are wanting you to buy ALL the stuff.
They will even help keep those little kid hands warm when they need to stay hydrated while in cold arenas, or while playing in the mounds of snow that February is still dumping on us.
See, perfect for everyone.
The best kind of gift for those who already have it all.
Happy crafting lovelies!

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