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Recycle, Reduce, Reuse and ReLOVE! {Candle and Green lovin’}

As soon as the cold sets in and the seasons change to the kind of weather where layers are all the rage, I picture myself nice and comfy indoors while the colder weather rages outside. I picture a burning candle the scent of pumpkin spice and clove filled cider filling our home. 
Since, I have no time for baking pumpkin pies every night and mulling cider slowly on the stove all day, I turn to the best alternative.
Yep, Bath and Body Works candles always save the day.
They encourage enjoying a beautiful atmosphere without the hassle of making all the delicious scents they sell. I mean, candles that smell like sweet spices and the open fire and fresh vanilla cupcakes. They amaze me with every bang-on-whiff.
Also, they make me feel really good about sitting down with my feet up enjoying being lazy. Which is always a huge plus when something encourages sweet relaxation.
But what on earth are we all suppose to do with our beloved candle jars once we have enjoyed hours with them? We cant possible just chuck out the pretty glass canister once they have shared those quiet nights by the fire with us and the dinners with friends and the glass of wine with a book….
Too many good memories.
They deserve new life.
One afternoon while picking tomatoes from my parents garden, my little boy dug up some “hens and chickens” or as the posh folk say: succulents from the dark earth of my parents yard.

A big happy smile crept across his face.  His hands were covered in soft soil and he was knee deep in dirt at this point from all of his “helping”. He was happy as a clam with a mesh of roots hanging out of his tight little grip.

He gave me a big goofy smile and thrust them towards me while making the cutest little dinosaur growl he is becoming known for. He then stroked the little succulents lovingly, like he does with his plastic T-Rex and his Triceratops, and made them roar at his sister.

I laughed, she laughed and then together we decided he had to keep his little “pets”.
(Thanks Mom and Dad!!)

We simply put some stones in the bottom of our beloved recycled candle jar after a thorough wash. We peeled off the candle sticker on the outside and filled it up 3/4 of the way with fresh soil and simply planted the little succulents into the dirt while our son looked on with little boy glee.
Now, whenever my little sweetie walks by our living room table, he sniffs what his sister now calls “his dinosaur flowers”. 🙂
The best thing about recycling and reusing something is that you get to fall in love with something all over again. In a completely new way.
The second best thing is that this little mishap turned awesomeness was free!
Now we are just praying that the baby doesn’t pick all of our neighbours greenery, and that this Mama can grow a green thumb — and quick!
Now to go light a sweet smelling candle, sit back somewhere with slippers on and enjoy our cheapest DIY re purposing project yet.
While it lasts.

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