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DIY bathroom makeover {Second time around!}

When we moved into our home two and a half years ago, we finished our lower level first. 
If you have been following us for awhile then you know that we moved from the small home we saw built from the ground up, to our house that we lovingly refer to as “the money pit”.
We finished the basement first.  
We had moved so we would have more space for our growing family, but more so, because we were having my younger sister move in with us.
My sister lived in the lower level of our new home and our first priority was to break ground and make a four piece bathroom for her to feel more comfortable in. Because we wanted her to feel at home, this was our first priority, over a kitchen and while I washed dishes in a bathtub. 
Because we were under a time restriction, we went to work right away with drills into cement and with limited funds.
I decided it was best to incorporate the technique we used on our upstairs bathroom cabinets to utilize what we had. We added pipes, built a bath, tiled a shower and floor and added a new sink, faucet and mirror. 
 When my sister decided to move out three short months after our big move, we regrouped and thought outside of our original plan for our home. 
We came to the conclusion that we would change this made over bathroom and we would instead make our lower level into a business for me while redoing our quick makeover bathroom.
That is when “This Little Salon” came into fruition. 🙂
You see, I had recently completed a three year apprenticeship red seal trade program in an attempt to use more of my creativity and to be able to have more flexible hours as a busy mama.
My helpful husband had already supported me as I changed careers a few times, and finally I felt like I had found something that I loved and that would allow me to be at home as much as possible with my young children – still while working around their busy schedules.
I wanted my business to be as professional as I could make it. I wanted it to be private and peaceful and an escape from the every day. I wanted to make and design an environment that allowed clients to really feel like they were getting quality care and service.
I knew an entire new bathroom gut job was in immediate order; a pretty bathroom would make the experience, in my opinion.
I knew that the uneven ceiling and walls needed to be addressed in order to contain the entire business in one level. I knew a pretty efficient bathroom was needed to make my potential clients feel at home. I knew an adventure was needed.
A bathroom overhaul was going to happen AGAIN.
(Thank you for ignoring the awful dark pictures seen here!)
I cant wait to show you what we did with this dark and dreary make shift bathroom. 
When we weren’t under such a time constricting restraint, we were able to really make this space what it was meant to be!
I can’t wait to show you what we ended up doing!!!
TGIF!! Friends!

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