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A little rewind! {Halloween pasts}

 It’s a flash back kind of day!  
Since I’m not a big Halloween decorator, or celebrator, I don’t have any clever posts to share with you of our spooky mantle or pictures to show you how you too can turn household objects into glow in the dark bats and spiders. 
I wish I could, I wish I did, but I don’t. 
So instead I thought I would give you a little flash back of how we celebrated Halloween last year.
Last year, me and a little five month old boy sat around making little “Bur Bats”.
We simply made a template of a bat and hot glued it on to a Bur seed. 
These little pet bur bats were and are amazing. They can “perch” on your sleeve or your shoulder and the kids loved them for days after. I picked out little poky things from their sweaters for days later too, but that is the sacrifice you make to enjoy cheap entertainment.
I had big hopes of sharing a tutorial on how to make them at the time, but that little five month old boy was cutting his first tooth while I was cutting bat silhouettes and he made it quite difficult to do anything more than a simple craft.
Oh you know, except for snapping lots of pics of a pumpkin clad cutie.
Baby’s first Halloween was complete with the annual picture beside our faux pumpkin while the other kids dressed up and went to show off their costumes to the neighborhood. 
This year, all three babies hope to go out tonight for a whirl around the block. I’m hoping the rain holds off and we can enjoy a family night together. 
But do you know what I am looking forward to most of all? 
For tomorrow morning.
The day after Halloween in always when the stores and the malls and all the blogs I love start talking about and decorating for Christmas!! 
I’m giddy just thinking about it! 
Do you think its crazy that stores will put up Christmas decor at the stroke of mid night tonight? Or have you been busting out to Christmas carols at home and preparing your cookie exchange creations? Do you plan on stealing your favorite chocolates out of your kids loot bags tonight too? Or do you go as far as Jimmy Kimmel did HERE? Every time I see this I dont know if I should laugh or cry along!!
Happy Halloween friends, I will see you in the Target Christmas isle tomorrow!

(To see what else we were up to at this time last year you can click on the  images below>>>>) 🙂

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