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Hi Friend! Welcome!!
“This Little Estate” is a new endeavor; a blog about my little families lives. 
You are welcome to follow along as we commit to turning our outdated cookie-cutter home into a sweet indulgence for the eyes and soul. A home that is stylish, sensible and sustainable. 

 While we journey through cheers and tears and endeavor to inspire others in big and little ways, I hope you will join us as we do-it-ourselves, constantly create, stay active and get fuelled back up again by eating well and a lot.

Join us for the constant adventures!


As an avid design enthusiast I have always had a passion for everything DIY, crafts, remodeling and all things home. I am a lover of everything re inventive, domesticated, beautiful, vintage, smile inspiring and laughter inducing.
I am married to a gracious and detail oriented handy man who over looks my paint stained hands and clothes and ignores my unhealthy addiction to thrifting and furniture hoarding. He endures my constant rearranging, tinkering and melodramatic ways and joins in to offer a level headed way of thinking.


Together we are trying to see the glass half full while trying to kick our bad habit of taking on too many projects at a time. 

Since becoming a family of five in May 2012 much has changed! 
For the first time in our lives I am at home with my babies (for now, business endeavor to come and build!) I desperatly want to capture this precious fleeting time with our sweet little crazies and thought this would be a great way to do so!
I am an active Mama, but one who is still just trying to keep up with the kids!With renos and life flying by I want to embrace all the little moments.


 Between crafting, cooking and creating we love to use up our energy by discovering all the corners of our beautiful little town.

On our travels our kiddies have learned to brace themselves for the impending immediate stop of a yard sale and curb side “treasure hunt” for some mommy-child bonding time all while trying to view life through rose coloured shades.

This is for all of our family and friends and soon to be friends.

Consider this your official invite into our home!!
This is a place where I know like minded people won’t judge my furniture addiction, a place where we can have conversations on how to create and a place where together we can all endeavor to turn our houses into a place we are proud to call home.  

Our furniture is truly always covered in dry wall dust, our rooms are usually littered with power tools and half finished projects are in every corner.
But a true sign of a friend is one who sits next to your laundry piles and uses them as an arm rest, no?

So come on in, dust off a spot and enjoy this memoir of our trials and triumphs and this collection of snapshots from our blessed life.

We are so glad you are visiting today!
We hope you will join us on this journey!

I know we will become fast friends.


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  • Doreen@househoneys
    October 23, 2012 at 4:34 am

    You have a beautiful family Bethany! Just precious!! All the best to you on your blogging journey.

    I know you will be a success!