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We created the coziest little corner in our son’s bedroom makeover. We filled in the empty spot between the built in closets in his bedroom and created a sweet little spot that feels like it’s always been there! It’s meant to act as a tiny escape from the bustling world around him and it has quickly become just that! We have called it a book nook, and the name has stuck!

The space is already getting broken in by him and is a far cry from the messy space his room use to be. Here is a quick recap of the spaces transformation.

We filled his new book nook with comfy pillows, a reading light from IKEA and clad every last element with METRIE trim for an updated and textured look.

I wanted to add a little bit of inspiration to the space in the form of art work and found exactly what I was looking for at Chapters Indigo.



Here’s some current artwork in stock, incase you’re looking for something similar!

I loved how this wall banner was simple and yet had a rustic element to it. I was excited to hang it on the book nook wall and ASAP! Of course, I wasted no time doing so and then got to work touching up paint around it. Silly move, I know. In no time, I had dropped a spot of paint on to the fabric art and despite my best efforts and cursing under my breath, the paint was stuck in place ON my pretty new wall hanging.

After a little bit of a freak out it didnt take me long to realize that I could crop the paint stains out of my art work by framing it within a frame with an interior border. Hallelujah for hacks! My creative brain is always looking for ways to repurpose things!  This time, it paid off.

I simply cut off the wood dowels from my Chapters Indigo art and placed the script neatly within a new frame I had on hand. This art work hack took about 4 minutes to complete and saved me another trip to the mall. A perfect, well timed hack when we were down to the wire to finish our Fall 2017 One Room Challenge!In the end, I actually prefer the artwork displayed this way. I can now be sure that the fabric art won’t get defaced by sticky five year old boy hand prints and I love how a pine tone (via the frame) is repeated again in this METRIE pine toung&groove corner.

I simply secured it to the side of the closets that my husband and I upgraded and stood back to enjoy the “upgraded” inspirational art.

Do you have a piece of art laying around your place you could hack like this? Or perhaps on your travels you may find a similar wall hangin but you want to display it in a kitchen or bathroom where moisture might ruyin it? Keep this art hack in mind! What do you think about this artwork hack? 


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