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Custom DIY Built-ins {A sneak peek!}

Life lately had been so fun and so busy! If you’ve been following along on my Instagram (Direct link on right tool bar and end of the post) over the summer, you’ll  know that together with my hand hubby we have been busy getting our spaces spruced up and ultimately ready for Christmas.

Yep you read that right!
Christmas in July was our happy reality this year!
Which is amazzzzzzing because I love Christmas almost as much as Buddy the Elf.
We have partnered again with Leon’s Furniture for their upcoming Hello Holiday magazine and we have some exciting things to share with you in the upcoming months.
For now though, I wanted to pop in and share a glimpse of what a corner of our master bedroom recently looked like.
Straight out of 1954 people!!
Every bedroom in our fixer upper has built-ins exactly like this one. What do you think? Do you like vintage? Or is this just TOO vintage? They may be vintage but they are also so well made that we didn’t want to take them out completely.
Also, that pesky budget wouldn’t allow us to rip them out and fully replace them.
So, we got to work dreaming up how we could customize these bad boys without breaking the bank; they also needed to be completed within a few weeks. We needed a pretty back drop for our Christmas décor after all!
Here is a glimpse of what we came up with!
Custom DIY built-ins at a fraction of the price compared to new ones! All this makeover project took was MDF, nails, glue, paint and new hardware. Oh yes, and I may have used an electric sander in the house, even though I have told you guys in the past that that is a terrible idea.
Cheers to sleeping on the couch because your bed is covered in dust!
If life wasn’t exciting and unexpected what would there be to wake up to??
Ummm….a clean room to start?

Ya let’s not answer that one, K?
So, there’s a little glimpse of one of our finished summer projects. Over the next little while Ill be catching you lovelies up on what we have been up to!
Until then, can we just talk about this bed post?? Sooooo pretty!
See more behind the scenes HERE and HERE. See more of that pretty bed  HERE.
Do you guys have any flat doors like ours that need spruced up? Stay tuned for our tutorial!

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