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Chickpea Burgers {Gluten free & Vegetarian)

Let’s face it. When you are pursuing a plant based lifestyle, a quick go to meal can sometimes end up being a boring salad. (Cue the music for “You don’t win friends with salad”…)
But who wants that?! Not us.
That’s why we tried our hand at perfecting a vegetarian burger that is jam packed full of plant based products AND flavor.
Toss the salad people.

These earthy tasting chickpea based veggie burgers were so easy to make and were so delicious that I wish I had of made a double batch! Not a problem at all seeing as these burgers were literally whipped up in five minutes and then cooked in ten! Dinner in 15 minutes????

Yes please!

Simply pull out your blender and get to it.

 First you’ll need to drain and blend one can of chickpeas.

Then add one cup of parsley, a dash of lemon, 4 cloves of garlic, 1 teaspoon of turmeric, 1/2 teaspoon of curry powder and 1/8th of a cup of GF flour (use regular flour if you don’t have allergies) and one egg (substitute the egg if you have allergies and simply add more flour for sticking power) finish it off with a squeeze of fresh lemon, and salt to taste.

Pulse slowly. Stop. Mix well. Pulse again. Stop. Mix well. Repeat until coarsely mixed.

 Heat up a frying pan with a touch of EVOO in the bottom of your pan and wait for it to heat and slightly bubble.

Place scoops of your chickpea burger mixture down on to your hot pan and flatten.

Cook on both sides of your burger until lightly browned.

 Remove your cooked burger and serve on top of bread, bun or wrap of your choosing. We paired ours with gluten free bread and served it open faced with all the trimmings.

A little extra lemon squeezed on top, a touch of taziki, sliced red onions, fresh tomato and cucumber are also recommended as delicious toppings for your burger alternative.

This chickpea burger would also make a great addition on top of a boring salad.;) Skip the bun and enjoy this deliciousness with no distractions!

We served this to our kids and they approved before they even tried it, raving that the house smelt like a restaurant!
Mom win!
They’ve already asked me to make this again and I think I’m going to have to oblige them very soon because it is too easy not to! In the end this recipe turned out to be good enough for me to pin and even put into the ole’ keepsake recipe box. 😀
As always, let us know if you try one of our recipes, we would love to hear what you and your family thought of it! (Email us at thislittleestate@hotmail.com to share your pictures and thoughts!)

Happy cooking!

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