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Breakfast Television Live Television Segment with Leon’s Furniture {and a behind the scenes look!}

Once upon a time, myself and my five siblings along with my charismatic mother and father decided that we would mimic the Von Traps and the Partridge family and so we created a traveling music group. We sang in three part harmony and four part harmony and wore matching plaid (read: unsightly) outfits to solidify our authenticity. We took family bonding to a whole new level in the 80’s.
Thank goodness YouTube wasn’t around yet!
After surviving those awkward preteen years on the stage, I never imagined I would happily find myself in front of the camera again. But, perhaps, I need to high five my siblings and squeeze my parents for those years of singing background vocals, because those times made my most recent Live television appearance an exciting and happily anticipated time.
This past week I had the amazing opportunity to discuss Leon’s Furniture’s 90 page digital look book on Breakfast Television.
We wanted to share a tiny bit of the look book with their audience and decided the best spot in the house was on the roof top patio at BT where the set is full of lovely Leon’s furniture.
With summer here in full force, we wanted to offer some tried and true tips and tricks on how to be a part of the summer parties the television audience might be hosting.
We all want to host fun parties and open our doors to our family and friends, but how on earth do we avoid getting stuck in the kitchen all day or hunting down the items our guests might need, or getting pegged as the bar tender??
Just like our look book suggests, on pages 14 and 15 on how to get your patio party ready, we decided to take our own advice and do so at Breakfast Television.

Here is a little behind the scenes action of the patio getting prepped for a party.
 In preparation for the show I prepped singular serving foods, a custom drink, made sure our set was weather proof with some essentials and decorated with flowers.
As a busy Mama, my party tips are tried and tested. They are always easy and are simple enough so the whole family can get involved!
Once the whole BT patio set was beautified it was time to meet with Frankie Flowers himself. I crossed my fingers the flower expert would approve of the way we were glamming up a grocery store bouquet and as expected he was just as authentic in real life as he seems on television.
(You can read in depth all of my other tips and tricks for decorating with fresh blooms over at Hello Sunshine: a guide to your bright and happy home.)
After a few minutes of setting up our party by putting into action my tips on how to be a part of the next party you’re planning, it was time for our LIVE segment.
The knowledgeable BT staff were great to work with.
In a few minutes we were READY….
Here’s some behind the scenes snaps you didn’t get to see from the segment.
Party planning has always been my thing, so you can imagine who much fun it was to prep a party for television! It was such a fun opportunity to share my tried and true tips on how to prep a patio party and how to be a part of your next summer soiree!
 My supportive hubby and little sister came along for the early morning ride into the big city.
(They didn’t even complain that their supportive duties included helping me take all of the party essentials from our home town of Guelph Ontario to Toronto and wayyyyyy up to the roof top patio.)
And of course social media guru and wind swept hair model Autumn Hatchey was there for guidance, support and a few good laughs.
I love that the Hello Yellow digital look book is filled cover to cover with inspiring but simple ways to make our homes bright and happy this summer.
In the end, don’t we all just want to get back to the important things in life? Like connecting in authentic and awesome ways with our friends and family, opening our doors to our loved ones and making laidback lovely memories in our homes?
To check out all of summer party planning tips you can see them all in this 90 page digital look book.
In case you missed the LIVE Breakfast Television segment with myself, Bethany Gier and Frank Ferragine brought to you by Leon’s Furniture, you can check out the link here:

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