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Living Room Reveal {Sneak Peek}

 It’s official. A year ago last week we found out this house was going to be ours. So that means that last year at this time we were just itching to get our hands on these spaces. We wanted to change things but we had to learn to wait, to learn to be patient. Did I mention wait? 😉
I wish I knew then what I know now; big changes don’t happen overnight!
You would think we would have figured that out after it took us 5 years to fully renovate our last house, but no, somehow with all of our excitement we forgot that important little detail.
HGTV and The DIY Channel fool me with every single episode! You too?

Last year I was dreaming of knocking this wall down between our kitchen and our living space.
After work each night we got to it….
And little by little…
Project by project…
Things started to come together…
Or, should I say, come APART?…
It’s taken longer than a million half hour makeover episodes put together. It’s taken sweat, perseverance and patience, but we finally have one whole space completely finished in our new house. If you’re still hanging around here for a reveal, than I love you and you deserve to swing by for some sweet tea and my homemade, hand picked, berry pies that children write songs about.

So stay tuned, the full reveal is coming up in our next post! I’ll see you there, and we will be sure to save you the biggest piece of fresh berry pie.
Until then, don’t you agree that a new real and raw television show would be one where unsuspecting homeowners are stretched to the limits when DIY-ing and secretly videotaped along the way? You know, cause spouses yelling at each other in hardware stores would make for phenomenal television in my opinion…. right? Entertaining! Don’t you think? Yeah me too. I’m all about sharing the nitty gritty behind the scenes stuff….BUT NEXT get ready for some highly anticipated PRETTY!

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  • lisa pyke
    June 7, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    I have been following your blog for about two years I think. This last year has been very slow waiting for a reveal. I am glad I have stuck with you. Cannot wait to see the new living space. We(husband) me go-for..haha did our kitchen about 6 months gut to finish done the week before Christmas. Took down the wall between the dining room and kitchen first. Probably nine years ago for the wall and seven next month for gutting the kitchen. I finally got my dining set almost two years ago had it made up near Cambridge. We (husband) are now on to helping our son with his first house. It is slow going could not continue the bathroom (reason he could not move in)until all the flooring in two bedrooms and hall had been pulled up .Those rooms and the bathroom were WAY out of level. but we may be able to get him into it in the fall. He is learning a lot from his dad. Hard with my husband away on business trips weeks at a time. Golf season is here so he does that while our son gets to sleep in on the weekends. All this and side jobs around our place. I am hinting for a new bathroom .Did it about 10-11 years ago but needs to be redone with a bigger/deeper tub.:-) Sorry to ramble. Glad you have your kids interested already hopefully they stick with it. Ours was never interested until he got the house. Our daughter is planning to make lots of money so she doesn't care. Ha to be 22 again and fresh out of Uni. Still rambling ,I am glad I found such a fun blog to follow even more it's Canadian! I have a hard time finding Canadian and U.K. blogs so if you have a spare second and know of others I would love the information. The sneak peek looks fabulous.

    Kind Regards

  • bethanygier
    June 8, 2016 at 3:16 am

    Hi Lisa!
    I loved your ramblings. 😉
    Thanks for sticking with us for a reveal! I know it has been a long time coming!!!! With working full time (AND OVERTIME! Running your own business problems :))while trying to maintain calm and memories with the three babes, this business is NEVER how I pictured my life! I always have dreamed of being a stay at home Mama and wish I could, but here we are. For now blogging doesn't pay the bills but I wish taking on DIY projects DID! I love taking on a new reno and getting my hands dirty, seems like you guys do too!! I love hearing about your projects! You have a ton going on too! I hope you get that bathroom you want with the deep tub…there should be jets too? Right? And an overflow of candles?? DIY-ers deserve it!!!
    We have got lots more projects and progress up our sleeves so I hope you stick around more! Ill let you know about more blogs that I love when I think of them! Maybe a blog post to come about it?? 🙂 Take care Lisa!

  • OnceUponaBébé
    June 14, 2016 at 7:18 pm

    Looks great Bethany ��. Checking out the reveal next! You guys really gutted this place! (I've been through it before, so I feel your pain, as you know) but we aren't doing half this much work to our house. Lucked out there! But how gorgeous and worth it was it to wait it out and do the work yourself?! (Besides all the dust and dirt (and chicken feathers ��) in your coffee)..

  • OnceUponaBébé
    June 14, 2016 at 7:21 pm

    I just commented and I think it got erased somehow (ugh lol). Looks great Bethany! As you know, I've been through it before but our new house we thankfully, don't need to do this kind of work. You guys really gutted it eh?! But I bet the wait and the billion and one coffees with dust, dirt and chicken feathers in it was all worth it. Checking out the reveal post now!