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White Washed Wood Tutorial {A textured and distressed finish}

Sometimes, when things go wrong, you have to make the best of it. 
Sometimes life will give you lemons and you make the choice whether you make lemon pie or lemonade with those sour lemons thrown at you.
Such was life a little while ago, during our front entry redo.
You see, with children, projects are rarely finished within the time frame allotted to finish said project. Such was the afternoon when I thought I would brighten up our entry with some white paint. 
You know how it goes, especially if you have kids; the telephone rings and it is the school office saying you forgot your child’s lunch (again) or the dentist calls, begging you to bring the whole family in for their yearly check up (finally), or the baby gets into that bag of dog food and mistakes those cute Kibble bits for special treats, and devours them by the first full, fast and furiously.
Whatever the interruption may be, you turn your back for one moment and the beautiful stool you were using to finish your painting project, somehow magically turns from dark espresso:
To being covered in little boy paint hand prints and happy little copy-cat-brush-strokes.
 Of cource, first you feel a surprising feeling of pride as you see the happy look of accomplishment on the babies face as he grips tightly to the now goopy paint brush. 
You don’t know whether to quickly snap a picture for proof to share with your husband that “day offs” are not always filled with soap operas and bon bon eating. But, you can’t figure out, if you should reach for your hand dandy cell phone camera or grab the babies paint covered hands before he can follow you, in his split second way of doing things, and spread those little painted hand prints on everything between him and you.
You cant decide what to do, but you do know you have to hunt down the “lemon juicer”, because you are going to have to make something with today’s Life Lemons.
So, after some hand washing, and picture taking, and some mild scolding, you get to “fixing” the problem at hand.
Lemonade can come in the form of new paint tequniques around here.
The outcome was more than I could have hoped for. 
Clearly, the baby watched on too, you know, so he can “help” me refinish some unsuspecting piece of furniture next time.
To get this white washed, textured and weathered look you will need:
White paint
Some glaze
A small container for mixing your glaze and paint
An old rag (I used an old dish towel)
A soft bristle paint brush
Paper towel
To get started:
First, mix your white paint (that was meant for your walls and entry way and NOT your stool) with two parts glaze to one part paint.
Then get a rag to dip in your glaze and paint mixture.
Pull out some old newspapers to use when you wipe off any excess paint from your soft bristle brush.
To get the look of white washed wood with tons of texture, dip your soft rag into the paint and glaze mixture and wipe on to your wood. Wipe off any excess with your paper towel. Next, gently dip your bristle paint brush into your plain white paint and then swipe your plain white paint on your newspapers, your brush will be lightly covered in paint and then you will be able to dry brush your paint on to your piece of furniture to add texture and interest.
See? An easy change for what looked like a ruined stool.
Once the stool was painted and completely dry, I wanted to add some fun to it, so I pulled out my plastic alphabet stencil and added the words:“One step at a time.”
Hopefully this will help my children scale the height of this stool cautiously, and perhaps the words will remind me, as their mama, that life is to be enjoyed and not raced through. 
These babies will only be little for so long, they wont always be dipping their little hands into paint cans, and they wont always be trying to “help” me. I am trying every day to soak in these times that may not be ideal, because the truth I am learning during these early years with these little people, is that, a messy home is proof that together, we are making memories.
I hope you’re able to make some lemonade too, with whatever life throws at you today. 🙂

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  • Gee Singh Newbanks
    April 22, 2014 at 10:22 pm

    Oh.. what a sweet post Bethany. I can relate all to well. Enjoy life's little mishaps, because you are right.. I blinked and my babies are now young men. Time is a thief.
    Luv the new look for the stool 🙂
    Hugs, Gee