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House Happenings…. {What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!}

I am pretty sure I have spent most of the last few weeks teetering from ladders with a paint brush in hand.
 You see, we have lived in our home for two and a half years and have essentially ended up gutting the house. 
We started by gutting the kitchen and the bathrooms and then installed all new flooring. This is where the domino effect began. New floors led to all new base boards, which led to all new door trim and window trim and crown molding.
It was a lot of work just to get all that trim up, and attached to the walls. By the time it was nailed up and we collapsed into a heap of exhaustion, we were disinterested in finishing all that trim off with caulk and paint.
So, to be honest, most of our home still needs a lot of work. A lot of our home has sat untouched for two years as we have battled along conquering other projects.
Then recently, my stairway project seemed to give me the push to complete all of the unfinished projects that had seemed too daunting to touch in the past.
Probably because this project is still in process….
…and I think I have gained some new wrinkles.
So, our weeks has been filled with caulking and painting and painting again
We have to squeeze the time to finish these projects in between working, nap time and bedtime and cannot paint on a ladder with three little kids playing around the base of it. 
Trust me, I tried.
And trust me that when they are around, I would rather be playing on the ground with them instead of diy-ing.
So, I have no pretty pictures to share with you this week and no project reveal, nope, I only have these little snap shots of the longest couple weeks of our life. (If you want to stay up to date with all of our house happenings, you can follow along by checking out my right side bar and our Instagram account.)
Around here we are now ready for an evening curled up on the couch instead of one high above it. 
Thank goodness it is Friday, I am certain a bowl of popcorn, a movie, and a pile of blankets will be in my little families near future.
How about you
Will you be staying in tonight or will you be fighting the crowds for Black Friday sales??

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