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Letters to my world

There are so many blogs out in the big ole blog world that encourage “Letters” in their posts. 

Little letters you would write to your world. 

This immediately caught my attention seeing as I am a major lover of the written word.

My childhood days were spent reading “Sweet Valley High” books and classics like “The Bobsy Twins” and “The Hardy Boys”. In my creative time I would write novels and short stories and fill up big ole Tupperware boxes with scribbled pages in my every changing hand writing styles. Up until a few years ago, I journaled every day.

And then babies came, and school took over, and full time work and house Reno’s and now I flop into bed with just enough time to pull my sleep mask over my tired eyes.

The idea of writing a little letter to myself and to my life once in a while, excites me; I just want to jump right in with it! 

So without further ado..

Dear 2013, You are awesome. I love that my resolutions are perfectly attainable and that eating clean and exercising daily is easier than I thought.

Dear Life, I have never been happier with you. I feel so blessed. Every. Single. Day. I look at you and I feel abundantly honored. I couldn’t have imagined this life up a few years ago; I feel undeserving and oh-so grateful.

Dear Hubby, You are one of the main reasons why life is so great. Thank you for being just as determined as me. To make our family work and to complete our long list of projects. You are by far the hardest worker I know, and I don’t know how you live on four hours sleep every night, but our house and our family thank you! Thank you for working so hard at and out of work, to make a wonderful life for me and the babies. xo

Dear crock pot, seriously, I love you. I know I didn’t use you much over the Christmas holidays but my love affair with you has grown again, and I am so pleased that we can pick up right where we left off. That vegetarian chili you helped with the other day was divine, and I appreciate that you didn’t care that I left you unwashed for a few days, over night, soaking in the sink.

Dear Slippers, you are incredible. The other night I tried to relax without being accompanied by you, and let me tell you that I couldn’t get comfortable. You warm me up like nothing else and I am so thankful my sister gifted you to me at Christmas.

Dear Kids, how are you soooo adorable? Really now, it is hard to reprimand you at bed time when you have to kiss us goodnight a dozen or more times. Please keep your loving smooches for day time hours and not for when Mommy and Daddy are trying to tidy up the house and finally sit down. I love you bunches though.

Dear Baby, please slow down and stop growing up so fast. I cannot get over the strength you have and the determination you possess. Hearing you say “mama” literally makes me cry. Seeing you defy all odds, makes you my little hero. Your strength amazes me and I am so happy I was picked to live life with you.

Dear Bed, I know we don’t spend much time together and that I keep promising you things will change. But I mean it. I mean, I really do this time! I am going to try to go to bed earlier, spend more quality time with you. I want to really be thankful for how the whole family can all snuggle with you — even if I am up a dozen times at night (and I wake up with little stinky feet in my face and the occasional black eye.)

Dear God, I don’t even know where to begin. Thank you for leading my past into this future of mine, and against my will, to make my entire life more beautiful. Thank you for always meeting me where I am and for always waiting for me to come back to You. Thank you for showing me that you are always there for me, through the tough times and through the good times. I love You even though you don’t need me, the truth is, I need YOU….

Love always.


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  • Emily Meyers
    February 1, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    These are so beautiful Bethany! I think I 'aw'd' out loud actually haha
    Thank you so much for linking up so I could read your sweet letters. I hope to read more next week!
    xoxo, Emily

  • bethanygier
    February 9, 2013 at 2:07 am

    Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment, I love this idea Emily! Cant wait to link up again. 🙂