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Instagram Snapshots and Post Christmas Relaxing

I hope you guys have been relaxing after Christmas and spending time with your family and doing things that matter the most with the ones you love.
Christmas this year was so amazing. Our son and daughter actually understood the fact that it was Jesus’s birthday. Last Sunday my daughter left church after we had watched a beautiful Christmas concert and exclaimed unbelievably, that Christmas was in fact Jesus’s birthday! We had told her this many times before, but I guess she just didn’t put it all together. She is three this year, she doesn’t remember last Christmas at all.
She was devastated that the packages under our tree with princess wrapping paper were not going to be for her, but for Jesus! It was such a nice opportunity to really explain to her that she gets to open gifts as a symbol of Jesus giving his greatest gift to us! Christmas went on with much less drama after that.
Since the big day we have spent a lot of days lounging in our pajamas and playing with our Christmas toys till noon. These are the times that I love. The times of togetherness and simple happiness, all of us under one roof.
We have been indulging in Christmas baking and I have already been working on my New Years resolution list and throwing in a quick workout every evening to counteract the indulgences.
Speaking of indulging. My husband devoured this peanut buttery marshmallowy goodness in one sitting. I apparently did not clarify with him when I happily announced that I ” made his favourite Christmas sweets”, in man language, he thought that meant I made the entire batch for him.
We have been doing a lot of relaxing, and relaxing isn’t complete with out some ambiance.
And ambiance creates an environment for nap time…
Which is fine with me since this baby doesn’t sleep at night…
Case in point. This picture was snapped at midnight.
Mamas, I am taking sleep advice — all the time.
Walking the trails near our home is what we love to do on a lazy afternoon too.
I love taking it easy and Christmas break with my boy!
To see more snapshots feel free to join all the joyful adventures on Instagram.
Look for bethanythislittleestate. 🙂 I am addicted and hope to meet you there!

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  • Jeannie and Linda
    December 29, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    Hi Bethany! So glad you visited us at the Nest so we could visit right back! I don't know how we have missed your lovely blog but we are joining you today. You have a sweet beautiful family. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy those babies! Time passes so quickly!

    Wishing you and yours a Blessed and Happy New Year!

    Linda and Jeannie @ The French Hens Nest

  • bethanygier
    January 4, 2013 at 4:16 am

    Thank you for your kind words Jeannie and Linda! I just adore your blog and it means so much for you guys to visit here!!

    I hope you are having a happy and blessed new year!!!