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Obsessed with paint.

As long as I can remember I used paint to “fix” anything decor related that was unsightly.

My poor parents. Seriously, I don’t know how they put up with me. Every other week I would have a fabulous new idea to slap paint on to something.

One of my early victims (Remembered mostly because my dear Dad reminds me every now and then)was the brand new carpet my Dad installed in my bedroom as a surprise on my fifteenth birthday. It was a beautiful carpet. Plush and soft and with out blemish.

One he put a lot of time into installing perfectly for me and my big day. Well, it didn’t stay perfect, you know with the usual wear and tear  the great pink mist of spray paint and my bad aim.

Who knew fine motor skills were important in design??? Um. Not me.

I have learned in time that great ideas are only great if you think them through.

Running with a great idea will only cause you to move in circles unless you have a detailed plan. (My husband and father would be so proud if they read this right now. But there might be some dispute on whether I am heeding my own advice.)

I can remember the day very clearly when I wanted to update my industrial looking desk with some fuchsia pink glossy spray paint. (Please forgive my colour choice, I was a young teenager and also loved lip syncing to NSync, equal sins?)

To make a long story short the inevitable happened when my project started with out a plan…there ended up being more pink on my new carpet then on the big-ole-hunk-of-ugly-steel-desk.

But back to this decade.

I am a sucker for anything wicker on a good day and at the price tag of $5.00 I was jumping for joy!

There it was in all of its round glory starring at me like a target waiting to have money thrown at its bulls eye.
 Have I mentioned that after paint, I love anything circular or cylinder shaped? I do. It is a sickness.
Polka dots, candles, jars you name it, I love it!

My newest painting victim made me squeal like a school girl when I found it in all of its gory-glory at my local thrift store.


Sorry for the blurry image. I was just so happy to see my purchase in its place that my body was pumping with adrenaline and my poor little hands couldn’t manage a big camera. Oh the little things that make me crazed with excitement ;)
So I threw that round wicker foot stool into my cart and raced to the check out.
Five dollars poorer and I was headed home with visions of me relaxing with my feet up on my new find.
I knew my husband would wonder what I was doing sneaking another wicker item into our home but i figured after a coat of bright white paint he would see my vision and be just as smitten as I was. After a frenzy of spray paint and a few casualties in our garage I emerged holding this little textured beauty.

Did I mention that after paint and round homey objects I love anything white? No? Cause take one gander at my home and you wont even have to read the memo, you will be filled in all on your own. I like to make life simple like that.
 Textured and white. Mmmmmmm. I am smiling.
This little beauty cost me five dollars and half of a two dollar can of spray paint thanks to LW otherwise known as “Everybody’s Outlet Store”.

Once again paint prevails and adds just the right amount of freshness to an item.

And you know what? My hubby didn’t even comment, which in boy talk means he “greatly approves and thinks its pretty and cute” which spells another win for me and spray paint.

Have you ever thrown something into your cart and hurried out to pay because you thought for sure the police would be after you for getting such a great steal? Have you ever kicked two small children out of your cart to make room for a purchase? Do you think everything looks better painted? I would love to swap tales of your greatest steals!!

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  • Black Eyed Susan
    January 8, 2013 at 3:52 am

    Just discovered your blog through Better After and I adore it! As envious as I am of your great buy, my cats would have it looking like a thistle in no time at all with their naughty claws.

    As for my greatest deal,that requires a small bit of back story. See we're a military family living abroad in the UK and they have the most amazing solid wood English bars with overhead canopy and glass inserts. They are a man-cave dream find but their £2500 price tag (doubled to $5000 US due to the exchange rate)put owning one in 'if we win the lotto' territory.

    At least until I hit up a local Craigslist-esque site to find one on offer for £300. The advert remarked that it was reduced due to severe damage and after scrutinizing the picture and still not seeing the problem I went ahead and bought it.

    I kid you not, the so called severe damage was a tiny scuff the size of a half dollar on the upper canopy, Five minutes with a piece of sanding paper and a bit of stain and it was as good as new!

  • bethanygier
    January 8, 2013 at 9:27 pm

    So glad you found our blog! Thanks for reading!

    I do know how pets can be major decision makers when picking home decor! lol

    We have a big dog and she is a medium brown, we picked our carpet and couches to "match" her! That is better than having to vacuum every day!

    I love that you shared your best find! It sounds incredible and is quite the steal!! Definitely a piece to be proud of and to keep in the family!

    PS: Say hi to your naughty claw-babies. 😉 and give them a smooch from us!