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Introducing Project Smart Furniture

You may have heard me say it before, and it’s the truth, I wouldn’t mind trading places with a 1950’s housewife. Quite obviously because lipstick, heels and floral aprons were their uniform and I’m down with that, but also because I cannot kick my life long craving to embrace the simplistic family home life of days gone by.

Technology seems to be in every single area of our lives nowadays and a lot of the time it can be distracting. However, I have just discovered a new initiative that is technology based that provides the opportunity to create more quality family time!! “Project smart furniture” by Leon’s is turning out to be the newest form of family technology that I can get behind.

Or, errrrr, lie down on, depending on what way you look at it. Let me explain.

Leon’s recently engaged in a social experiment designed to track a test familie’s time spent together.
On average Canadian families spend only 14% of their time together doing all kinds of activities. As a personal statistic hoarder, this particular stat has been at the forefront of my mind since reading it. My initial thought upon mulling around the 14% stat was to think point blankly that:

“That’s not a lot.”
My second thought was, “I never want my family to be included in that stat.”
And my third thought was “How can we make sure to never be that?”

Leon’s ironically shared the exact same thoughts as I did, but they took that next step to try and change that stat. If just for one family initially. Leon’s knew from their lifetime as a furniture supplier, that in the home, the living room has typically been the central location for gathering and spending family time together.
So, Leon’s decided to choose an average family, like yours and mine, and challenged them to determine how much quality togetherness they were sharing.

Was it actually 14% like the statistics predicted?
They wanted to find out.

Since the living room was an integral part of this particular family’s living space, Leon’s put their centralized family-time hotspot in a couch to track how much time their test family was actually spending together.

The results are thought provoking. But more so, the undeniable desire to create a space where memories can be made, is beautifully fundamental in this video. See what happens with this family as they embark on their pursuit of togetherness. Have a look and see what happened below.

PS: Check back next week to see how my own little family is following suit and creating an atmosphere of togetherness in our home.

Time tracked for this commercial was based on time spent near the living room. This does not account for total time spent together outside of the centralized space.


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