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A FROZEN party!! {An inexpensive DIY version.}

threw this party in August of this year and I’m finally finding time to share it now
with you all! #busylifeproblems 
Better late than never! 
Thanks for the patience! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. :))
The moment my girl and I saw Anna and Elsa singing and snow ball fighting their way through Disney’s animated hit Frozen, I knew it wouldnt be long before Frozen had taken over every aspect of our lives. 
We have seen the movie on repeat, sung at the top of our lungs “Let it go” and “Do you want to build a snowman?” and we have teared up together while watching the beautiful sister moments shared between the girls on screen. 
I can now say I have been scolded for not giving my daughter “..one sister, not even ONE!” 
No, we havent given her a sister, but we gave our Frozen obsessed daughter the next best thing.
A Frozen party!!!!
I can also now say, that my girl and I have scoured stores for white haired Elsa wigs, snowman dolls and snowflake covered clothing in the middle of July!
The truth is, we have been smitten by everything Frozen – and we just cant let it go.
This years Frozen inspired birthday party was highly anticipated around This Little Estate. 

The only problem was, that every man, woman and child had also requested a Frozen themed birthday party this year.
So instead of ordering an $8 balloon from eBay that would still need $2 helium and Disney napkins that would be garbage in two minutes and yet cost $15 plus shipping and handling, we decided to DIY our own version of a Frozen party.
We started with some fun “signs” that use to be part of our deck. 
The kids brushed off the old wood pieces, painted them with some paint from our collection in the garage and we wrote on them with some permanent marker.
Some faux snow spray turned our home into a winter wonderland — in the middle of the hot summer.
Some haphazardly hung white doilies played the part of snowflakes. As always, I love to get the kids involved with every step of party planning. The kids especially loved hanging the doilies together with tape and placing them wherever they wanted. 😉
More of our homemade DIY signs got placed indoors too.
My little girl played the part of Queen Elsa, complete with a tiara and a twinkle in her eye.
We share a love for decorating and she helped with every last bit of her special fifth birthday party.
Our dining table got transformed for the occasion. It was full of all of the Frozen colours: aquas, pinks, turquoise and purple. Some metallic neutrals and some obvious white joined the party too.
We started to decorate our party table by running a long strip of Christmas wrap down the center. 
Not only does it immediately dress up our regular dining room table but it adds some whimsy and gives a subtle nod to the idea of the forest where Kristoph, Anna and Olaf had many snow filled adventures.  It is a pretty, shiny,
 silver paper with white outlines all over it that resemble wood grain. 
And then we pulled out all the pretty white cake stands and plates to group together our menu.
We added in sparkly stars and twirly purple ribbon for more whimsy.
Pink napkins and plates and themed hats, Oh MY!
Turquoise sweets and pink lollies were ready for little hands to grab and enjoy.
I made my annual birthday cake that I sweat over, the whole time wondering why I didnt just buy a cake at the grocery store. 
This birthdays’ cake ended up being a natural lemon
flavoured bundt cake. It was baked in a mountain pan; with a few drops of blue food
coloring added, it completly matched our theme. 
My birthday girl sprinkled icing sugar
“snow” all over the peaks with a giant smile on her face.
We served individual portions of “Olaf Noses” with a bit of dip in the base of each little cup. The perfect size for little girl hands.
A juice jug got filled up with more pink goodness. Frozen black cherries acted like ice cubes without compromising the taste of the drink and according to my creative daughter they looked like traditional coal-chunk-snowman-eyes!
Pretty bouquets decorated our table and reinforced our colour choices.
We styled them in mason jars and added some pretty lace around them for softness.
We melted chocolate and formed them into hearts.
reference to the “frozen hearts” song in Frozen. Chcolate flowers were a
reminder that Elsa donned pretty pink rosettes on her beautiful dress.
We served fluffy white cotton candy that resembled snow piles and threw
in some pink cotton candy for good measure, (A five year old girl was
planning this party, so this was a no brainer decision.)
We served the reindeer Sven’s antlers.
We dug out Christmas decor and used a pretty white tree to decorate our table. Ornaments also passed as “snowballs”.
We used our well loved sled for decor purposes as well. It reminded us of Kristoph’s beloved sled that smashed after an exciting and terrifying chase in Frozen.
Our Disney Infinity video game figurines came in handy for decor too. We simply placed each of them in a jar with Epson salts in the bottom to resemble soft snow.
Decorative flowers and snowballs were a combination that suggested the seasons in Frozen.
With a table set and snacks out, we were ready to party!

Our parties itinerary was pretty straight forward and chosen by the birthday girl.
We had our “guests” of honor….
Some happy siblings.
(No sister in sight.) 😉
and a big group of sweet girls.
We played snowball toss and other outdoor games.
We made beaded necklaces, enjoyed manicures, applied princess tattoos and read a Frozen story book.
We sang happy birthday, ate some snow covered mountain cake and opened a plethora of presents from darling friends.
Our Frozen themed party was another successful DIY birthday party!

When her last guest had left and she had given out her final goodbye hug, my little Frozen princess snuggled up on my lap and thanked me for giving her “the best day of her life.”
And with those sweet words, and that smile full of gratitude, my Mama heart melted like a snowman in summer.

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