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2014 Canadian Bloggers Home Tour! {Day one!}

Today is the first day of the 2014 Canadian Bloggers Home Tour!!
I have been tapping my foot and twirling my hair in happy anticipation for this one all morning!  
Pull on your plaid, pour that maple syrup over whatever you are eating for breakfast and get on your smile that Canadians are known for.
Grab yourself a hot cup of coffee and get nestled down somewhere comfy, you are going to want to be there for awhile. In our line up today, the first two homes listed below belong to the darlings who are responsible for organizing and planning this whole Canadian Bloggers Home Tour in the first place!
Shannon Acheson authors AKA Design and makes all the pretty while her husband Dean makes all the behind the scenes home stuff. They are a fabulous team who love to share every little step of their admired projects. You will love all that they have done with their new home!
Christina Dennis authors The DIY Mommy and is now a busy mom of three little girls and yet somehow she has time to finish projects! Just like her blog suggests she and her family have DIY-ed a whole house!! You will fall in love with her sweet heart and her use of blues against whites {swoon!} in her recently built home.
Kira Faiazza authors Northern Style Exposure and has amazzzzzing style. You will want to check out this Mamas fashion posts as well as her home decor, I mean, if you are like me and have a very intimate relationship with your yoga pants! (Inspiring!!)
Angie Long Pietra authors Echoes of Laughter and is a domestic guru! She makes everything pretty and makes me want to be her third child. You will know exactly what I mean once you stalk check out her blog.
That is it guys! Four beautiful homes all in one day! (Gorgeous overload!)
If you are still here, then go, GOOOOOO! So much pretty is awaiting you!
As for me, I will be spending the good part of my day drooling onto my key board.

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