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Can’t stop, won’t stop, must create! {…and why tables are overrated.}

People ask me why I write a blog and there are too many reasons to count. 
It started off as a way for me to have another creative outlet while on mat leave with our third baby while ultimately documenting our homes renos to family and friends.
Today though, I like to share my life because I know that all of you who follow along are just like me. We are like minded people. Why else would you be reading up on ways to fix up your place, to do it on the cheap and to keep level headed and thankful along the way?
 We’re basically sisters from another mother.
I just know it.
For example, I know you wont judge me for what you are about to see…
I love knowing that I am not the only one who piles dinner tables till it is overflowing with crafts and paint.
 I love knowing that other mamas agree that sometimes the family needs to eat dinner in front of the television so that paint can dry and creativity can progress.
I love that we are all different, from where we live, what we do, how big our families are, but we all share the love of sharing ideas and being creative.
Things are constantly evolving over here because I cant contain the creativity in my mind. 
Are you like that too?
I always need to be making something! When inspirations hits I pull out the craft supplies, the baking supplies or whatever and just start doing.
It makes me happy that if you’re following along, that you get that.
 I need to tidy up our kitchen table, finish some more coats of paint on things and stuff my craft things away in some unsuspecting closet, but once I do, I will have some pretty inspiration to share with you. 🙂
Oh yes, and we are still steadily working on our bathroom in between making messes, working and parenting our three hooligans.
(The bathroom vanity is currently in the process of getting revamped and I am antsy and excited to have things continue to progress. And yes, I agree with my handy man: I have the “best husband ever”.)
I’m hoping to finish up some projects later tonight and by next week we will hopefully have picked up enough around this disaster to show you why we haven’t been able to sit at the dinner table in a week few days. 🙂
 Now, Im off to pick the kids up from school and I’m going to try to remember to wipe all of the paint off of my hands before more clients arrive! 😉
Happy table piling to you and yours!

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