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Simple Sunday – Let Love…

Happy February friends! 
This month is the month of love. 
The month where we celebrate loving the ones we care for and having an excuse to show appreciation to others. What an awesome day to celebrate!
In honor of love month, I wanted to make something for you, to remind you to love those around you every day. 
 I made this chalkboard art for you, but for myself also. 
To remember to love those that are hard to love. 
To ask myself before I act, “Am I doing this and acting out of love?”.
I am trying to let love guide my life in every aspect of my life.
Sometimes being led by love is easy to do; and other times it is so hard to do. 
Daily, I am trying to offer love to those that want to accept it and remembering that love is a two way street.
May you and yours feel loved today!!!
PS: Enjoy the Super Bowl!!!

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