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Dear Life Letters

Dear World, it seems like you’re entirety is covered in a thick covering of white snow, I am pretty sure everyone can stop saying, that winters aren’t the same as when we were kids!

Dear cinnamon orange tea, you are so delicious and have helped me get through my coffee withdrawl. I love you so much! But please dont hate me, when the roads get cleared off soon and I run to the grocery store for more of my beloved java.

Dear coffee, I miss you terribly.

Dear kids, thank you for breaking my beloved lamp while we were trapped in doors yesterday. You continually teach me that things are not important but that you all are. Im glad you have learned and listened to me when I have told you to come to me when something gets broken. Im happy you still let me hold you and kiss all your fingers better, even when we all know your fingers are fine and you are attempting to get yourself out of trouble.

Dear hubby, you prove to me over and over that you are amazing. From going into work and working your little bum off, when you could have stayed home like everyone else, from making me smile continually on “our date” this week. I love that even though we were “alone”,with out our distracting kids for the first time in 2 years, you made it seem like it was just yesterday and made me laugh like when we were dating.

Dear peanut butter, my obsession with you is growing by the day. We might need to cool it down or on Valentines day it will be obvious that I choose you.

Dear new years resolutions, I am so glad that I listed “learn to say no” on you. It is hard for me to say those words but slowly I am learning to put my energy where it is most appreciated and needed. I am going to try to say no more often like I promised.

Dear 30th birthday, I know you are right around the corner, and each month when the 28th roles around I panic for a few minutes, dreading your arrival. You cant be that bad, right?

Dear Public library, thank you for lending us that basket full of books this week even though last time, we forgot all 25 books by a few days. Thank you for your penalization only being 10 cents per children’s book.. And please, send me that reminder email to return your precious books. Using you is so suppose to save me money!!

Dear kindness, thank you for showing yourself in so many ways lately. For the neighbor that shovels our driveway, to the snuggles at night by grown up little boys, to the man that held the door at the store and to the lady who offered me her coupon at the play place.

Until next time,

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