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Protein Pancakes

Happy Friday Friends!!
Ya!! The weekend is upon us!!! That means, for some lucky few, sleeping in, hanging out in pajamas, and an all around leisurely morning. 
Around here, it isn’t quite like that. 
Baby alarm clocks bounce on beds. Little voices holler through the house as they run from room to room playing, laughing and making messes. Mommy and Daddy try getting 15 minutes extra in bed and pray it is finally possible to sleep through the chaos.
Nothing helps get you out of bed though, then a promise of warm breakfast and children with sleepy faces and messy bed head sitting around the table.
These Protein Pancakes will help gather the family, and fill you up for a morning of Barbie playing and being referee from the mini superhero who keeps kidnapping My Little Ponies and play kitchen food!!
They are so good, that my little lovable hooligans don’t even know that I am helping build their little muscles while filling them up with yummy goodness.
Here is how to make them:

It feels great to eat well as part of a healthy lifestyle; we hope this meal becomes a favorite at your home as it has at ours.

It is okay with us if you call them “Muscle Cakes” like we do.
 Little boys and big husband like boys, like them a lot more if you call them that and swear their muscles grew after being filled with these. 
They might even show you by flexing this way and that. 
Seeing those little arms pose and move make cooking healthy so worth it.
Cheers, to resolutions of healthy living and sticking to them!!
From our family to yours, have a blessed weekend friends!

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  • Mabel and Zora
    January 26, 2013 at 1:18 am

    We are making those pancakes on Sunday! Thx!

  • bethanygier
    January 28, 2013 at 4:08 am

    Oh I hope you loved them!!!!

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