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Love Banner made with LOVE

I am like anyone, and I love getting gifts, home made gifts rank at the top of my list. There is just something to be said about a hand made card, a craft made by little hands, or a thoughtful gift made by one you love.

I got my creative side from my mother, who has been mastering every inventive craft you will find on Pinterest since 1980. Seriously. She knows exactly what to use to clean your windows, to make your drawers smell nice, crafts to make with the kids and she has made every new sew craft out there!!

 When she stopped by to bring me one of her creations in the form of a love banner, I couldn’t stop smiling at what she brought me.

I hung the banner on our mantle and found myself smiling all day. Every time I take a glimpse of it hanging over our fireplace, I think about the love she put into making this sweet decor addition.

Isn’t that what Valentines Day is all about? Sharing a little love and making someone smile??

I think so.

As the rest of us are still thinking of ways to make the people in our lives smile I wanted to drop in and let you know how my mom made this craft and how you can too!

You will need:

vintage cookbook
hot glue gun
foam hearts or valentines type of additives
decorative cropping scissors
alphabet stencil
black marker

First cut your pages around their edges so that they have more depth and visual appeal, then stencil a word of your choice on to the pages, glue your decorative hearts around your letters, (or decorate whatever way you choose). Lay your pages face down (in the proper order to spell your word!) and glue on to a long piece of twine. Flip over and decorate some more if you wish. Keep for your self or make someones day and pass it along with a tight squeeze! See?! So simple and so sweet!

I adore the fact that this simple banner adds so much to our space and matches my style completely, it is an added bonus that my loving Mother made this, knowing she will be out of town around Valentines Day.

You want to hear sweet? She wrote and sent cards in advance to all of her 13 grandchildren knowing she wouldn’t be able to see them over the “love holiday”. And you want to hear something really sweet?? Usually she makes each of her six children and many grandchildren a huge heart shaped cookie on Valentines Day! Yes, we are all very lucky to have such a giving and caring Mama. 🙂

So, there you have it! A little project for your Tuesday? I’m sure it will add charm and a reminder to love deeply as it has done in our home.

PS: If you want to read more about my mother you can read the tribute I wrote to her on her 60th birthday, HERE.


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  • Cocalores
    January 22, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    That's so cool of your mom! Mine used to do all kinds of crafts with us back when we were kids, but now she's retired from all things craft and handed her regalia to us (literally, I scooped up tons of stuff from her basement for me to "play" with). Very cute banner! =)