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A Day In The Life {The Messy House Tour}

The holiday haze was a mix of relaxing, indulging and refocusing.  For us that meant ignoring our to do lists and learning to live in our pajamas all day long. It was blissful.
Which made today even more difficult to get into the swing of.  Anyone else? The Monday after a holiday is always the hardest, isn’t it? But if you’re reading this right now, we all survived!!
Over Christmas and new years we did a lot of sleeping in and indulging, yes, but we also did a lot of re-evaluating too. We decided to take the plunge and to launch a new social outlet on YouTube that we discussed in our last post, and we committed once again to the fact that we always want to share with our readers the real and raw reality of living a beautiful busy life with a family.
We never want you to believe that we have it all together or that our home and life is any less chaotic than yours. We don’t and it’s not.

Come in, we want to show you.
Today we want to squash that preconceived idea you might have that we have it all together. We thought the best way to do so would be to share with you a glimpse of what a normal, lazy day weekend here looks like.

If you were a fly on the wall, or an elf on a shelf that didn’t get the memo that you were to leave on Christmas eve,  (see above) then you would see this…..

 There’s no pretty table settings here and no fancy festive décor in these pictures. There is however, a whole lot of real life happening here.
 There’s art supplies strewn across tables, and brooms balanced against the wall. There’s junk food and video games and kids relaxing, fully celebrating the weekend.There’s Daddy’s tell-tale-sign that he has been in this space. His habit of leaving his mark with a piece of clothing hanging off of a chair, has never been broken no matter how many times we remind him chairs are not closets.
 To the naked eye one might just notice the crooked couches and piles of disheveled cozy blankets. But to a parent who has spent a day enjoying life with their family they would know right away that this scene indicates blanket forts were being made and remade for quite some time. One might see a mess of weights and workout matts but a knowing Mama would quickly realize that this scene is not a mess at all. A busy Mama would know that this mess meant new years resolutions were being met.
 The unfluffed pillows and stacks of books are plentiful in these quickly snapped scenes but beyond the visual untidiness there’s an undeniable feeling of comfort and cozy here too. If you were here, you would feel it too.
 There’s snuggly cats who leave behind their fluffy hair on kids in mismatched pajamas rocking all day bed head hair.
There’s toy box digging and imaginations blooming and sweet old dogs who nuzzle you with their greying nose for more head rubs.
There’s slow steady coloring and fast crazy scribbling and loud “Look at this!” being proudly yelled when a colorful creation is paraded around the room.
To a keen and grace filtered eye, there’s a whole lot of good here in these every day unfiltered messes. Do you see it too?

This home of ours can be picked up and presentable for guests or a photo, but 95% of the time our spaces, here in this fixer upper we are so grateful for, are truly madly deeply lived in and loved on — as you can see.

We have shown you picked up and tidy room reveals and pretty home tours in the five years we’ve been connecting here, but we also want to be mindful to remind you that you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the internet. 

Stop by unannounced and we will show you. 😉

We are not perfect. Our home is not perfect. Our family is not perfect. We are simply a little family of creatives who want to learn day in and day out ways to create a home that we are happy to unwind in and let loose in. We hope to share lots of behind the scenes, real life moments with you on our YouTube channel in 2017 and thought these scenes could be a great reminder to you that we are just another family, like yours, who just so happens to love ripping down walls, painting till 2AM and presenting the finished product to our readers while proudly yelling “Look at this!! You can do this too!!” 

Isn’t it the loveliest thing to know that we are all the same? That living and loving is messy but during those times the prettiest memories are being made? We truly live by this philosophy and hope this little peek into our unfiltered and unpicked up home reminds you to embrace the imperfect in your home too. Also, bed head is so so cute, right?

Check out our newest YouTube video for more behind the scenes at This Little Estate.

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