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Hello Holiday 2016 {A guide for your happy holiday home}

When I was a little girl I collected pen pals like other kids collected beanie boos and the mail man was a welcomed site strolling up the driveway day in and day out. The way he handed over that pile of envelopes with a smile and not a word, was such a constant lovely occurence in my childhood that his arrival felt like Christmas! Some mail days, I learned, were even better than other days! Somedays, along with the bills and the stack of pen pal envelopes with scratch and sniff stickers pressed all over them, a magazine arrived! Sealed in protective plastic, I knew this bit of mail was very important.

Mom was always the type that shared inspiration whenever she could, so she often allowed me to be the trusted mail retriever who safely used the kitchen scissors to cut open the plastic that would release the glossy pages of inspiration out. Whenever I was given that task, I took it very seriously.

After all, in a little town where there were one or two locations to buy pretty household décor items, I knew that magazines were a gateway into what was happening outside our quiet agricultural university town. Those pages introduced me to color, texture and ideas! The kind I had only dreamt up in my little creative, ever whirling mind. I wondered who made up these crafts on those pages and who placed those throw pillows on that couch and who exactly chose to hung that art work at that exact height. I happily recall getting lost in the visual experience that magazines were when I was a little girl with an old creative soul and have continued to revel in the happy feeling that comes along with getting inspired by a new magazine.

Flash forward a whole bunch of years later, and a whole lot of magazine gazing later, combined with a whole bunch of renovations, late nights and a partnership with one of Canada’s oldest décor companies later and today we found ourselves in a magazine.

Together with the December issue of  Style at Home, Hello Holiday: a guide for your happy holiday home was delivered to our mailbox this week and it HAD a little bit of US in it.

I still can’t really believe it.

If you didn’t get to pick up a copy of Hello Holiday that came along with each December copy of Style at Home yet, don’t fret! I’ve got some exciting news for you!

Now a days you don’t have to wait for the mail man with the friendly smile to arrive. Nope! You JUST have to look on line to easily flip through inspiration and holiday creativity. What a lovely time to live in!

Today, Leon’s Furniture launched their second annual Hello Holiday 90 page digital look book and it is yours for the gazing! No mail delivery and subscription required!


I hope you’ll take some time for yourself today to pour yourself a cup of something hot, to snuggle into your favorite spot and to take in the pretty and easy DIY’s that fill Hello Holiday’s pages.

It doesn’t matter where you are today, you no longer need to sit on the porch and wait for the mail man for the happy mail. The happy mail is HERE for the browsing!

What did you think? Did you love the pops of red in Joanna’s living room and the painted wall in Thalita’s nursery? How about the decorating done by Kassandra’s adorable blonde boys? Didn’t you love Julie’s bedroom? I adore that Lucy chose to redo her Mama’s space! How she shared the love in the true holiday spirit, don’t you agree?

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