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Squash Mash (with butternut squash AND acorn squash) {So easy and good! Two recipes in one!}

Hi guys! Merry Christmas Eve!!
 I cant believe December has flown by and here we are just hours away from celebrating another Christmas with friends and family. I had great intentions to show you all what we have been up to over here during the month of December, but alas, Christmas time for hair dressers is CRAZZZZZZYYYYY, and today I am finally enjoying a morning off to do a mad dash of last minute wrapping, cleaning and cooking.

Tis the season, and I love the happy chaos!
I got up extra early this morning, like every other person who will be bringing something to Christmas dinner, and got started on the dishes we would be contributing to tonight’s Christmas eve feast with my in laws (Pie and sweets) and tomorrows meal with my parents. (see below!)

For the last few years I have taken responsibility of a vegetable dish.

This is great for me, because:

1. I love veggies so this is great if there are any leftovers that don’t get scooped up.
2. I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to produce and like to know just how much “filler” is in my beloved veggies (and how many shortbread cookies I can devour if the veggies are void of heaps of butter, oils and creamy fatty goodness.)

The only problem was that I never write down recipes and I forget how I made my squash dish last year that didn’t  leave me with leftovers. 


So, here I am, writing it down here for you, and for me. (I’ve had taste tested this for breakfast at this point and it is pretty darn delicious and easy peasy too.)

So here goes:

Buy 2 good size acorn squash and 1 good size butternut squash and throw in your oven. (Basically get the largest ones you can find. Combined, mine were about 9 lbs worth.)(Do not mess with cutting your squashes in half and potentially losing a finger and don’t mess with scooping out those slimy seeds. That will happen later.)

Cook until a knife can be inserted through the skin easily. Approx 45 min at 350F.

Now, easily cut in half and scoop out seeds. (High five yourself for saving a valuable ten minutes messing with cutting those pre cooked squirmy squashes)

Scoop out the squash of all three and coarsely blend with a hand blender.

Warm up 1/4 cup of butter and add with 2 teaspoons of salt and mix again.

Now here comes the fun part the kids (or kids at heart) will thank you for at your Christmas gathering. 😉

Get two oven safe dishes and split your squash into each. 

Leave one dish alone for all the natural veggie loving individuals.

Take the second dish and top it with mini marshmallows, one tablespoon of maple syrup and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. Broil the top to your liking and watch the kids devour a veggie dish that is all dressed up for Christmas.

See?? So easy and yet so delicious!

 Combining the meaty acorn squash with the watery and buttery butternut squash makes this dish complex and yet very natural tasting. 

 Great for all the veggie lovers everywhere!

So my friends, happy cooking, happy eating and I hope you and yours get a few days where you can really relax and appreciate the joys of this season. I know we will be doing just that.

Merry Christmas!

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