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Simple Sunday -love hard, love often.

I am as nostalgic as they come. 
I have boxes of journals and diaries
and I have been known to find a space in our home for most things vintage. 
So you can imagine my happiness when I found an
old sermon note last night; folded neatly and hidden, meant for me to find at that exact moment in my life. 
I immediately held on to that piece of paper tightly, as it held
memories of a Sunday past spent sitting, soaking up The Word,
reflecting and slowly growing.
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I found myself reading and having the words on the pages of my Bible speaking once again to my heart. 
I loved the verses that spoke about the wrongness of legalism and instead focused on being connected and not condemned by the church and by God. I especially felt truth with the words that spoke about being continually full of  peace and gratitude with the people and world we live in. 
It is easy to live day by day and to forget that this life we have been given is amazing, and ours, and the biggest gift we could ever receive. It is even easier to get offended, upset and bitter, with life and with those we have to live with. 
“Above all else, clothe yourself in love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony.
 And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. 
For as members of one body you are called to live in peace.” 
-Col. 3:14-15
I love words that challenge and words that inspire and these did just that for me. 
They are simple and full of wisdom. Unfortunately, I have learned that sometimes the simplest instructions are the hardest to follow. 
Being filled with love is something that I hope to someday unconsciously do, until then, I will remind myself daily to love others when it is hard to do and to live in peace whenever possible. 
Life is too short to waste our valuable, unpromised time, on being angry and bitter. 
Living a life that is filled with peace and harmony will be initially harder, but in the end it will save so much time and energy that could have been focused on staying negative. 
Love hard, love often and forgive when able.  
That is how I am trying to live my life. I invite you to do the same. 
With a little less bitterness and a little less hate, we can live in harmony and love the way we were intended to.
I hope these simple words have touched your heart the way they have touched mine. I hope that you will have the wisdom to know when to forgive and to know when to love. I hope that you will be filled with peace, love and harmony with those you live life with. I pray that you will know the true care and peace that comes from heaven above and that it will brighten your life like a sky full of firecrackers….
Unexpected and perfect.
Happy Sunday friends.
Much love.
Until next time….

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