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Chapter 9: {Salon Bathroom Plans and Demo}

If you have been following along here for a while than you know we found the perfect house for our little family jam and that we are knee deep in renovations.
 We have been working hard at finishing the salon area of our new home and admit that the room did need some help getting pretty. 
The salon had a long way to go from its BEFORE to where I envisioned it would end up.
 Everything was going along great with the salon plans, except that the demolition stage of this space took much longer than I had thought! 

How does Chip Gains do it in 10 minutes on Fixer Upper?
We took down all the old wood panneling and reinuslated the walls. Then whileh the insides of the walls were exposed, we hired a gentleman to run wires for us and to get started on the salon bathroom that we needed to add. 
As much as we love to DIY everything, the hubs and I were both working full time hours at our respective jobs and guys, truth be told, time was tight.
I had clients booked for weeks in advance and expectations to meet. Time was not a luxury we had for this part of our home overhaul.
The salon was priority and adding a salon bathroom was of upmost importance to me…
…..so with the help/hire of a family friend, we got right to it. We started by cutting a huge hole in the wall where I envisioned the salon bathroom to work perfectly. (Note in the above picture how we laid out 2 by 4s to show the original rough outline of the space.)
There is a big empty laundry room on the other side of the salon, with no plumbingnor wiring for the new bathroom yet, which meant we we could basically pick where we wanted the bathroom to be situated. Of course while taking into account where everything would go in the new space. (Hence a week of stalling while I moved furniture around the space to see what worked best. ;)) 
I finally decided on a corner of the room that was out of the way and where water could easily be connected.
We cut a big hole in the floor that I love so much while I clenched my heart and hoped for no breaking. From what I have researched I have been unable to find someone skilled in fixing terrazzo flooring so cutting a seamless door opening was crucial. (Thanks AL!)
While we were in the middle of destroying walls and cutting giant openings into them, we pulled down all of the ceiling lath and exposed this view… somehow I still find it so pretty.
The bathroom went up fast while all the behind the scenes things like adding plumbing and electrical took more time.
This is what the room on the other side of the salon looked like after we built out the bathroom walls. This space grew as it was being built because I wanted it to be a roomy space and I didn’t want it to feel like an after thought. (Note that rough estimate with the 2 by 4s multiplied in size.)  I ended up convincing our contractor friend and my husband that it was a good idea to push the walls out another foot and I’m still happy we did so.
We have a foot less of space in our mudroom and side entrance to our home, BUT I’m confidant that my clients will always enjoy the extra space in the small powder room.
Our back entrance will  be the door our little family uses most often. Here is the view we see when we enter the house now. That little angle in the wall is where we expanded the bathroom and I love how the angled wall now gives the room more interest. Wait to see how we utilize it in a future design. It turned out to be a great after thought!
A coat closet and seating will go to left of this above picture and a small bathroom for our families needs will be on the right, directly behind the door to the mudroom.
In the end this is a busy little area that will have to house our main coat closet, our laundry room, a small powder room and access to our bathroom. This room also offers access to our basement via the above open door and stairs leading down from it. It will also be the room where I will always keep my color and products for the salon. Talk about a hard working room! 
I’m still happy with the decision to expand the salon by giving the space a separate powder room and the decision to have the salon space completely contained away from my families living space. Now to put it all back together! 
We have been busy on this room lately adding DIY shelving, laying new flooring, putting in a new door and alarm system, painting the walls (still only half done! #DIYOCD) installing a washer and dryer and even putting in a custom cabinet with a farmhouse flare that will hold my color and salon products. When we aren’t using this space as our every day kitchen too, I will take some progress pics!! For now, here is where we started. I cant wait to continue to show you how this space evolves over time. 
Until then, Ill be trying to figure out how Mr Gains demos houses so fast. 😉
Happy Tuesday!

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