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Quick Organizing Idea!

I just had one of Oprahs “Aha Moments”
The Merrium-Websters dictionary describes such moments as meaning: a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension.
I  had to double check with said dictionary, to make sure I finally had one, and yes, it happened.
You see, I decided to go into our garage this afternoon, since our freezer is full of these delicious cream cheese pops on a stick, covered in caramel and rolled in skor bits  to clean it up for my loving husband, and I came across an orange plastic 2L pop holder from the grocery store. 
The last time diet coke went on sale, I clearly stalked up, I figure DC might come in handy if we have a particularly long winter/ice age — again. Caffeine is a must when you are stuck indoors with three stir crazzzzzy children and your house is encompassed in three inches of ice. Canada problems, eh?
Well, as with everything others might throw out, I looked at that plastic thing with the holes meant for fizzy pop and just knew I could use that thing for the betterment of all man kind, or in our case, just our garage’s/marriage betterment, but you know what I mean. 
Sure enough, I took some of the cans from the teeter-tottering tower of paint cans stacked dangerously in our garage (No, I still haven’t attended paint-hoarders-anonymous because more joy comes from this habit than not. Just ask alllllllllll my thrift store finds. Don’t ask my husband. :)) and I simply plunked some of my 921ml cans, my 942 ml cans and my 925 ml cans from their mountain in the corner of the garage and into the empty coke bottle slots.
Insert “Aha moment” HERE.
I cant wait to buy more and more caffeinated bevys so I have an excuse to bring more of these plastic babies home with me for keeps.
Now, I am picturing all my paints and stains stacked up nicely on top of each other in the corner of our garage, and beyond getting my paint hoarding organized, I am picturing a happy husband who doesn’t have to move multiple cans to get to his saw and other equipment and even beyond that, I am picturing our sweet children who will no longer have to put on their bike helmets  #safetyfirst every time they want to steal a Popsicle from the freezer in the garage or get some sports equipment from the garage.
Clearly I deserve a frozen treat on a stick for all of my amazing brain waves today, no? Im going with the idea that if I eat is super quickly in our darkened garage, and if I eat it reallllllly quietly my stomach wont know it is devouring hundreds of calories in every incredible indulgent bite and my eyes wont tell it so either. 
Wish me and my waist band luck.

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